Brenda Abdilla

Certified Executive & Leadership Coach

Brenda Abdilla is a distinguished authority in leadership development and organizational excellence.  With her vast experience and unwavering passion, she has become the foremost coach and facilitator, dedicated to enhancing the performance of teams and the effectiveness of leadership.

As a highly sought-after executive leadership coach, Brenda specializes in working with leaders aiming to enhance their team engagement. Remarkably, over 90% of Brenda’s clients successfully tackle their core leadership challenges within just one year of partnering with her.

Brenda’s approach is decidedly different. She brings a solid business-centric background to her work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-level career coaching clients. Brenda understands the pressure and uncertainty (VUCA) present in today’s business environment and empowers her clients to significantly improve their team communication, time management and efficiency, stress management, decision-making, critical thinking, and all of the elements of corporate visibility and success in their role.

10:30 AM - 12:30PM

Thursday April, 18th Day 3

Motivational Maps Debrief

Unlock the map to your world with Motivational Maps®. Your happiness and success at work are closely tied to the fulfillment of your core 'Motivations,' which are deeply rooted in your self-concept, beliefs, expectations, and personality. These Motivations aren't conscious choices; they naturally emerge. Just as in life, we don't create motivations; we uncover them. It's crucial to align with your Motivations to build solid foundations and foster a focused, high-performing team

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Wednesday, April 17th Day 2

Talk the Talk: How to Have Every Kind of Conversation at Work

At the heart of successful leadership lies effective communication, a vital skill for fostering understanding, connecting with others, and building strong teams to achieve organizational goals. This session delves into the intricate relationship between effective communication and bottom-line performance, highlighting how leaders can leverage neuroplasticity to enhance their communication skills. Participants will gain insights into conducting challenging conversations, coaching high-performing individuals, navigating issue discussions without solving them for the team, managing upward communication with difficult bosses, delivering critical feedback, and bouncing back from tough conversations, ultimately enabling them to create meaningful connections and drive success in their leadership roles.