An exclusive leadership and professional development group for female executives and leaders in the corporate world.

Accomplished women like you may still doubt yourself despite all your achievements, you juggle so much as a busy leader, and you may feel that you have nobody at your level who understands the challenges you face.  Entourage can help you.

Entourage offers way more than most women’s advisory groups. Think of it as a professionally facilitated and collaborative space to listen and help with one another’s issues and concerns, share best practices, build a career network and friendships. 

Entourage sessions are also guided by monthly topics that address the challenges of corporate life, from time management to managing stress in the workplace, wellness for yourself and your teams,  compensation gaps, team trust, giving feedback and dealing with conflict.

We have been in the corporate world and now support leaders like yourselves as executive coaches. We started Entourage with the aim of creating the peer group we never had!

Entourage Leadership Group is designed for women in high level leadership positions as an opportunity to have peer advisory, professional development and grow a powerful network.

Let’s face it, there is not much in the way of professional development for women once you reach a certain level within an organization, practice group or solo practice. And there is certainly not much in the way of a confidential atmosphere where high-level leaders find themselves in an environment where they can be comfortable working through current issues and concerns.

Now The Entourage Leadership Group is here for you as a landing place where you can show up each month for a professionally facilitated event and engage with amazing women building lifelong career connections, while learning, and working through issues that arise.

Meet Your Facilitators

Stephanie Wachman

Stephanie is the Founder of Symetree Strategies, is an international speaker, author, Fortune 500 executive coach and strategist who works with organizations and firms to create more efficient work environments through her coaching, training, and consulting services. 

Brenda Abdilla

Since founding Management Momentum in 2004, Abdilla has developed a wide portfolio of options for clients who want to navigate career-changes and job promotions, increase productivity, improve leadership skills and remove obstacles in the way of moving forward.

Example of Meeting Topics

Recruitment, Retention & Incentives

Upleveling Your Time Management & Workflow

Dealing with the Changing Complexities of Your Workforce

Creating a Culture that Thrives in Challenging Times

Professional Confidence and Taming Your Inner Critic

Personal Branding & Thought Leadership

Your Enneagram Type and Psychological Motivations

Positive Intelligence and Your Saboteurs

How to Deal with Conflict and Conversation Using Neuroscience

Creating Psychological Safety for Your Teams

Health, Habits, Wellness and Stress Management

Public Speaking and Presence & Creating Content

What makes us different

Other groups can feel impersonal and big. That’s why we keep ours small an intimate with a maximum of 20 high level women leaders in each cohort.

Other groups can be hard to travel to and make time for, ours are all virtual.

Other groups keep you in pods based on time zones and geography, ours are intentionally international. We have members from Canada, Romania, England and more.

Other groups have huge conferences where it can feel clicky and overwhelming, we have small boutique retreats in gorgeous places designed for intimacy and deep connection.

Other groups welcome all levels ours is specifically for senior leaders and higher.

Other groups charge exorbitant fees, ours are reasonable and approachable.

This group is ideal for you if:

What other women are saying about ELG!

"I love this community!"
"We love the vibe."
Thank you so much for inviting me, what a pleasant surprise! I love Stephanie and Brenda's vibe.
Entourage is not just a group; it's a community that fosters empowerment, collaboration, and continuous learning. I wholeheartedly recommend this extraordinary group to any woman seeking to enhance her leadership skills, expand her professional network, and be part of a community that champions success for all its members.
Dara P.
As a working mom in an executive leadership position, it can be difficult to find others in a similar life stage. Taking part in the Entourage Leadership Group has been a welcome part of my month. Not only do I get to connect with people who are in a similar life stage, but I get tangible advice and solutions for professional challenges. The topics are so relevant that I immediately apply what we learn or discuss. This group of women has helped me manage through precarious situations by asking thought-provoking questions and sharing their own experiences. As a result, I feel better armed to make progress on my strategic initiatives. I am thankful to Brenda, Stephanie, and all of the women that are part of my Entourage group. Not only do you keep me sane, but you keep me productive!
Michelle M.

The fee is $1,999 per year.

What you'll receive with your membership

Grow a powerful network.