Dr Carrie Arnold

Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

Carrie Arnold, Executive Coach and Principal of The Willow Group, has built her career working in non-profit, complex healthcare systems. Carrie has 20 years leadership experience working in human resources, training, and organizational development. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology, Masters in Organizational Management, and a PhD in Human Development. As a post-doc Fellow with the Institute for Social Innovation, she continues to conduct research on voice and leader silencing.

She began her coaching/consulting practice in 2011. Prior, she worked as a director and internal consultant for a large healthcare system serving multiple sites and corporate services in the Denver metro area working in human resources, leadership & organizational development, quality and communications/marketing. Carrie is certified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Leadership Circle Profile, the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP), and she is a trained Lean facilitator, mediator, DDI instructor, and has taught at the university level.

Carrie has a strong track record in facilitating team development, change management, shared decision making, and building & facilitating leadership development programs. She serves as an executive coach for leaders in non-profit and for-profit sectors.

10 AM - 12:00 PM Opening Keynote

Wednesday, April 17th Day 2

How Women Leaders Find Their Voices and Break Barriers

In this empowering session, you'll learn how to recognize and overcome self-imposed limitations that stifle your power, gaining invaluable strategies to cultivate resilience and shift your focus towards achieving your leadership goals.

Dr. Arnold will delve into exploring your unique style of powerful leadership, offering personalized insights to help you harness your strengths and navigate challenges with confidence. Additionally, you'll receive individualized attention tailored to unlocking your leadership potential, ensuring that you leave equipped with practical tools to elevate your impact in the workplace and beyond.

As a special bonus, each attendee will receive a copy of Dr. Carrie Arnold's book, "Silenced and Sidelined," a valuable resource to continue your journey towards empowered leadership.